Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New 4th of July design

Dear members,

I have this nice July 4th design ready for you.  It looks great and would be a good design to add to your collection.  It is for the 4x4 hoop


Follow the link to find the design. 

Thanks for looking, 

Chicken update - new fence

Hello all,

We have now added a 5 x 10 foot "open" fenced in area with top covered. This will be left open to the sun and rain. This gives then a spot to get into the sun or rain if they wish to. Our other sections are covered with a plastic tarp to keep it dry for them.  They seen very happy, we have even put the guinea in with the chickens and a little getting use to each other, they are all getting along fine.  We let the guinea out to roam the yard during the day and put him in the protected area at night.

One night he did not come home, I believe he spent the night behind the neighbor's garage, he was there the next day and stayed rather close for a few days. Now in the evening when it is time to put him in, he comes running. I told my husband "he got scared out there alone".

 We have the happiest chickens in the world, so spoiled it is not funny.

Hornets -- Oh My

Dear members,

We have discovered a hornets nest just behind the drain pipe on the house.
OF course we will get ride of it.  Looks funny as the "enter hole" is on the side of the nest and not the bottom.

And to think that we dug up 3 dead evergreens and then dug a hole for some tall grass right under it almost.  One of the trees was in the ground  so good that he even got out the lawn mower to pull it out of ground.

Thank goodness, they did not come out and bother us at all.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Grasses are planted & more

 Hello everyone,

We planted out grasses yesterday. They look great and I love the amount of privacy they give. Can't wait until they get as large as all of our others.  We also removed 5 dead little bushes from around the house, we will replace them I think with a couple of arborvitaes.

Last couple of days have been so nice and cool with a breeze, have enjoyed very much.  something tells me that fall of the year is not far off.

I also dug up some Iris plants, pruned and planted in a different spot. Needed to do that for some time.  Now my body tells me I need a break. :-)

We also discovered a huge hornet nest on the corner of our house behind the top of the drain pipe. Needless to say, that will not stay long.  Will take a pic of it and post later.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Chickens

I have added some new chickens and one rooster to our flock.
Here are a few pics, better ones coming later on.  Except for Pepper- Penny (red hen)-Shadow (another grey hen)---the rest are Polish hens including the Rooster.  This weekend we will be adding another section onto their pens, so they have more room to roam.

                 Polish Rooster            and  Pepper

The Guinea            Rest of the flock 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Some Quilting blocks

Morning all,

Here are a few pics of some of my quilting blocks I did as exchanges within  within our yahoo group. We have had a lot of fun and enjoyment doing the exchanges.

My Tangerine Pearl Ringneck Doves

Morning all,

Here are a few pics of my tangerine pearl doves, they like my orange pied are just lovely and are so sweet and tame.  Just love them. The body is an intense rusty red color. Head, neck and breast are violet. Flights, tail, neck ring are white. The white feathers are tipped with tangerine, giving a pearl effect.

The last one on right is a tangerine "pied" dove, very pretty.

Orange Pied Ringneck Doves

Morning everyone,

Here are my Orange Pied doves. The body of a Pied bird is always white splashed with another color, in this case orange. Pied is not a combination of white and a dark color but an entirely separate mutation. Pied can be produced in any color combination. The eyes are always black.

If anyone plans on getting a lovely dove, please keep in mind they can live
10 to 12 years. Their weight is 41/2 oz.  They are 10 to 11 inches long.

I just love these little guys, they are so sweet and make a cooing sound.

We have 2 babies now--once larger will take a pic of them.

The baby quilt

Morning all, 
 Here is a pic of the baby quilt I made for Nita's friend.  The theme kinda is about W.V. where they live. This the "coal miner" and the W.V. state etc. 

They loved it very much. 


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Remake of an angel

 Hello all,

Here I have re-digitized my design and made changes to what I wanted.
She is for the 5x7 hoop
I call her my 'winter angel'.  You should find her under the seasonal angels.

Commission work and Bird covers

Commission Work

I used clipart from the lady who wanted the work done for her daughter.

Below are the pics of a greyhound. I used clipart from the lady.

Custom Bird Cage Covers
Below are the pics of a bird cage cover I made for a friend.  Her logo is above the birds. I made two of them for her. She loved them very much.

If you live in OH in my neck of the woods and would like a cage cover custom made for you send me an email and remove the spaces (erie pines 
design@ g mail. com). 

My Crazy Cross

Below is the on going project that I have yet to finish. It is my cross pattern, I do love it, will hang on walls when done.  Got a lot of work to do first.

Wall hanging

This is a wall hanging that I did as a gift for our dentist in AK, They loved it. I have also given them a large wall hanging which hangs in their office.

Birds I made

These two birds are from pics of a friends birds that she sent to me. I digitized them with her permission. I also gave her the designs. She liked them.

Christmas Card I made and Doily

This is a Christmas card made using a card that has a cut away for the center. Design is stitched out on fabric and then attached to card. I made several different ones and sent out that year.

Below is the doily that I stitched out. It was a freebie design, but there was no center file. So I used my head and design my own center and I think it come out very nice.  I used fabric for the center and sewed on a design.


Hi all,

Say I have a couple of pics of some flowers that are huge!
First is the one that stinks really bad, but so pretty.

These below are my other large flowering succulents. The yellow one smells so sweet, just love it. The white one blooms at night and also smells sweet.

Below are my angel trumpets this year, they are so tall that after they bloom this year, I will be cutting them back by half. My largest one from AK that I brought with, is almost as tall as the roof of the house.