Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chicken update - new fence

Hello all,

We have now added a 5 x 10 foot "open" fenced in area with top covered. This will be left open to the sun and rain. This gives then a spot to get into the sun or rain if they wish to. Our other sections are covered with a plastic tarp to keep it dry for them.  They seen very happy, we have even put the guinea in with the chickens and a little getting use to each other, they are all getting along fine.  We let the guinea out to roam the yard during the day and put him in the protected area at night.

One night he did not come home, I believe he spent the night behind the neighbor's garage, he was there the next day and stayed rather close for a few days. Now in the evening when it is time to put him in, he comes running. I told my husband "he got scared out there alone".

 We have the happiest chickens in the world, so spoiled it is not funny.

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