Monday, September 28, 2015

My new attention getter!!!!!

Morning everyone,

 I am not posting that much right now and for a while, as I will have my hands full of puppy. Yes, you heard me right, I am getting a little puppy from my sister for Christmas. He is a red toy poodle. Weight to be about 4-1/2 to 6 pounds when grown. Plus I will be with my sister for her surgery and help her out some.

His name is Rusty Kricket Rose. Nita will have his sister.

He is my Halloween pup, will be getting lots of pretty things for him, I can see it already. So not to worry if you are not hearing from me that often as my hands will be full with everything else I also have to take care of like chickens, doves, parakeets, and of course "Frosty". At least this gets me off my duff and doing something. LOL

and this is Nita's Ginger Rose sister to Rusty Kricket Rose

Here they are together
 So as you can see I will have my hands full for a while. lol
More later

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall days are starting

Morning everyone,

It is that time of the year, trees have just started to show a small amount of color. To day the temps are a little cooler than they have been.  Still plenty hot though.

My chickens are all doing ok. We have 9 all together, all though the guinea is male, and to top that I have a rooster and to my surprise, I now have another one just starting to crow..... I can see a huge stew pot before long. I knew I was getting one rooster, but the other one was not wanted.  I now get a green egg from Pepper, an olive egg from shadow.... The blue egg layer has not started laying yet and the others are to be white eggs.  Penny lays a brown egg.  Easter all year long. 

I did snap a few pics of my flowers will post when pics are ready.

I am off to go and work in the yard. I have lots of new plants to put in from 
Nita after our visit a few days ago.  So many pretty things. 


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Halloween Fence

Halloween is coming!!!!!

Here is a really cute fence for your yard.  I am really looking at doing
this for our back yard to keep the chickens in. It adds a bit of whimsy
to your fence and yard, one then could add the different sized mushrooms
around for decoration and others etc...

Halloween Fence