Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall days are starting

Morning everyone,

It is that time of the year, trees have just started to show a small amount of color. To day the temps are a little cooler than they have been.  Still plenty hot though.

My chickens are all doing ok. We have 9 all together, all though the guinea is male, and to top that I have a rooster and to my surprise, I now have another one just starting to crow..... I can see a huge stew pot before long. I knew I was getting one rooster, but the other one was not wanted.  I now get a green egg from Pepper, an olive egg from shadow.... The blue egg layer has not started laying yet and the others are to be white eggs.  Penny lays a brown egg.  Easter all year long. 

I did snap a few pics of my flowers will post when pics are ready.

I am off to go and work in the yard. I have lots of new plants to put in from 
Nita after our visit a few days ago.  So many pretty things. 


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