Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Time of the Year

Hello all,

Well yard work done and now working on getting things ready for the chickens. Little Rusty is helping every step of the way. lol   I do hope you
all do check my blog now and then for any new designs samples. If not, you
will miss out on all the little goodies. 

I also ask that you do donate something if you are enjoying my blog & gifts. Granted little Rusty Kricket Rose is taking a lot of my time right now but,
that will ease up somewhat as he grows.  The BLOG is my MAIN web page
now. I just have to save money when I can, so the blog it is. You can also
purchase designs from my blog. They are located in a list on the right side
of the home page. Please do check it out.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tell me this is not cute

Dear members,

Today I was looking for Rusty Kricket because he was whinging so much, well it took me a few minutes to figure out it was FROSTY. Yep, he is now sounding like Rusty K. whinging and barking. It is going to drive me nuts. LOL lol  If that is not bad enough, he is now calling "Rusty Kricket, come here, come on, good boy", I will go nuts before long.....Like he needed something new to say with all his voluntary he already knows.

Frosty is getting use to the puppy and seems to like him. Was a little scared at first, but think he is ok now. Hoping he will take on something new to say before long.

Hope all have a wonderful day,