Sunday, September 25, 2016

Halloween time

Morning everyone,

I am getting things rounded up for decoration. Just love this time of the year. Hope to have some pics if I get it all done. Just love the fall and all
of the colors.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

New 4th of July and Halloween Witch

 Hello everyone,

Here are the pics of my newest designs.
One is for July 4th and the other is for Halloween~Witch.
The hoop sizes are 5x7 and the witch comes in 200x200 also.
You can find them on their Holiday pages.
I plan to add some crystals to the witch's wings.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Tomato flowers & Penny

Morning everyone,

Here is an update on our pet chickens:
We lost Penny (our road island red chicken) a few days ago. She did not live long, but she was a sweet gal while with us.  We also lost our black rooster with the white head feathers and the guinea. We are down to 6 chickens which lay colored eggs. The colors are pink, brown, light green, olive green and white. The hens colors are 3 gray, 2 black, one speckled (black&white-polish hen).

I think today I will be outside planting some things and thumping my flowers on the tomato plants. I know there is sprays you can buy to spray your flowers but, you don't need that, all you have to do is 'thump'  or shake your open flowers once a day about noon or so to catch them when they are fully open. This will SET on the tomato fruit. Never misses~have all the tomatoes you ever want. :-)

Hope all have a wonderful day, don't forget to check my blog to see all the new designs.

Friday, May 20, 2016

About new group in Yahoo

Hello all,

Update: July 26, 2016
My two places to buy my designs are
These are the only places where you can buy my designs.

My new group home in yahoo where we work on projects and enjoy each others company while working on projects and or exchanges.

Hope all have a wonderful day

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Banana Nut Bread and Pumpkin Coffee

Hello everyone,

Well, today on a rainy day I am having some home made banana nut bread and a cup of pumpkin coffee. It is cool out today feels more like fall. But, I know this is going to pass and the heat will be here soon enough. Not a fan of heat after living in Alaska for over 30 some years.

A soon as my new eye glasses get here, I plan to look at some wood working. Have not been doing that for a long time because of my eyes. Quilting kinda goes hand and hand with that. It is amazing how much interest you loose in projects once you can not see them any longer. Until my eyes were done I could not see the dust in my house. I was living in my happy world of such a clean house all the time. Ugh!  Now that I can see again, I discovered that I had dust on my dust. Then I go into cleaning mode for real, still saying to myself, I just don't know how things got so dirty.

For now I am off to enjoy my banana nut bread and coffee. This will be my breakfast and lunch.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring is here

Hello everyone,

Well spring is here at last I think. I have been outside looking at all the plants flowering, so many colors very pretty.  I am so happy that all the planting done in previous years is now taking hold and growing and flowering, like my lilac bush out back is now flowering for the first time. Nice dark purple and smells great. 

Chickens are outside and enjoying all the sun (and rain) and singing up a storm plus laying so many eggs, I don't know what to do with all of them. We give to family and neighbors and still have eggs left over. Think I might put up a sign for "eggs for sale". LOL

Got my eyes finished and eye exam done now waiting for the eye glasses to get here. That will take 4 to 6 weeks. Then I will be able to "see" all the stitches I have been doing----well, at least I hope they are good stitches at least. Hard to tell when you can't see. But all is getting better now. I must say that not being able to see has had an effect on me and my digitizing also, not been doing that much nor working in the scrolling end of things. So now once glasses get here I should be able once again to "see" and enjoy my hobbies of sewing and wood working.

Hope all have a wonderful day

Monday, May 2, 2016

NEW~~~Curly Fish

Hello all,

Today I have for you a set of 10 Curly Fish. They are for the 4x4 hoop.
You will find them on the "Bargain Basement" page 7. 
Hope you enjoy,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Updates on designs

Hello all,

Today I have up loaded many more designs into the blog. I have new pages up called "clowns" and then the newly added pages of "bargain basement 3-4".  Some of these were free some time ago. If you missed them you can catch up on them now. Check them all out when you have time.  I will be adding more as I get them gathered together.

Hope you all have a good day

Friday, April 22, 2016

Gathering my thoughts

Hello all,

I have had time to reflect as I am breathing much better. So now seem to have extra energy to get things done. So lets get hoping around.

I am about ready to start on some of my UN-finished projects.  I have several blocks done and need to set them together. These will make a few smaller quilts for wall hangings. I will take some pics of the blocks and try to post them here so you can see what I am doing. I am in hopes that there will be some who want to follow in the blog as I update the projects I am doing and perhaps want to work along with me on some of them.

I am thinking of adding some work along with instructions in here also later on if there seems to be some interest. I am also thinking of using my blog as my "club" or a gathering of all my other groups. Much easier for me to keep up with and if anyone is interested in keeping up with me be sure to sign up using your email, this way you should get an email when the blog is updated otherwise you will miss out.

Hope all have a wonderful day,


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Updates today

Dear members,

I have been uploading more designs that I missed when I first set up the blog, so when you have time you might want to check out all the designs
categories to see what all has been added new. ok  Just way too many pics
to add them all to this email.  I hope you will enjoy looking and I have added the 4x4 hoop size of designs also where I have them. So be sure to run your mouse over the pics to get all the info about them.


Easter 2015

Hello all,

I found another design that I did not have up, so here she is and you can
find her on the Easter pages!  She is for the 4x4 hoop.

Thanks for reading, 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Paintbrush Bluebell Girl

Hello everyone,

Here is another of the paintbrush critters, She is for the 5x7 hoop
You can find her on the " Nita's Paintbrush Critters" .

Paintbrush Dreaming

Hi everyone,

Today I have for you a little fairy, she is for the 5x7 hoop
Artwork is by Nita T.  You can find her on the page called
"Nita's Paintbrush Creations"


Honey Bunny for Easter

Hello everyone,

Here is a Easter bunny for you. His name if "Honey Bunny", you
can find him on " Nita's Paintbrush Critters".  He comes in 4x4 and 5x7.

Update on Nita's Mermaids

Hi all,

I have added another of Nita's mermaids to the mermaid page, called

"Nita's Mermaids".....  she is for the 4x4 hoop

Elf #1 and Elf #2

Hello all,

I now have for you a couple of Elf's for the fun of it, again Nita is the artist for the artwork.  They are for the 4x4 hoop
You can find them on the page "Nita's Paintbrush Critters" !

Painter with Lamb

Hello everyone,

Today I have for you a new design for the 5x7 hoop. Design artwork is by
Nita T.  Would be so cute in a baby quilt or as wall hanging in child's room.
You can find it under the title of "Nita's Paintbrush Critters".

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter Chick for you

Hello all,

Here is a pic of the little chick that popped up in front of my face today, says she wants to go home with you.

You can find her in my "facebook group". If you are not a member you will
not be able to see her----apply to join my facebook group.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring has sprung

Hello all,

Well, it might be spring somewhere, but here in OH it is in the 30's and cold. Weather will be warming up soon and I will be out and about looking at all
my flowers. I do have some daffodils blooming but, most of them are in just buds. Can't wait until all is growing once again.

Hope all are going to enjoy Easter with family and friends. I have Easter eggs and don't even have to color them. Brown, brown spotted, pink, green, olive green and white. Just need a blue egg layer. Anyone have a blue egg layer???  I need one lol.....  I even have Easter eggs for sale!!! lol

Take care,

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

White eggs now

Dear members,

As of two days ago we are now getting "white" eggs, my Polish (black & white speckled) hen has started laying. We now get a total of 6 eggs a day if all lay on same day, needless to say we have a few dozen eggs now and will be taking a lot to my sister this week. lol Easter colored eggs--how neat.

I am not sure of Penny will lay any more - if she does, it will be brown eggs then we will get 7 eggs.  We have eggs to give away now. lol  Lets see now,
that is light green, olive green, light brown, pink, white. Now I need my blue egg layer and we are set. 


Monday, January 25, 2016


Hi everyone,

Hope all are safe from this last snow storm, it missed us this time. My sis got hit though. 
This is just an update for my blog to let ya know what I am up to. 

I have a chicken laying "PINK" eggs. Her first egg was somewhat small as normal for their first. I now have a green egg layer, an olive green egg layer, a brown egg layer and now a PINK egg layer. I am still waiting to see the "blue" egg  and a white one and the other chicken will be a surprise when she lays. So now we have 4 chickens out of 7 that are laying.  But I am not sure if Penny (our pet crippled one) lays anymore. She is the brown egg layer.  The speckled polish hen is suppose to lay "white", will have to wait and see. Once all 7 are laying at the same time, will have eggs to sell and give away to friends.  

Right now my pets are in the garage for the winter, staying warm and eating lots of greens and grans. I know they can't wait until spring though.  We all want spring right now.

That's about it for this time around.