Monday, January 25, 2016


Hi everyone,

Hope all are safe from this last snow storm, it missed us this time. My sis got hit though. 
This is just an update for my blog to let ya know what I am up to. 

I have a chicken laying "PINK" eggs. Her first egg was somewhat small as normal for their first. I now have a green egg layer, an olive green egg layer, a brown egg layer and now a PINK egg layer. I am still waiting to see the "blue" egg  and a white one and the other chicken will be a surprise when she lays. So now we have 4 chickens out of 7 that are laying.  But I am not sure if Penny (our pet crippled one) lays anymore. She is the brown egg layer.  The speckled polish hen is suppose to lay "white", will have to wait and see. Once all 7 are laying at the same time, will have eggs to sell and give away to friends.  

Right now my pets are in the garage for the winter, staying warm and eating lots of greens and grans. I know they can't wait until spring though.  We all want spring right now.

That's about it for this time around.