Sunday, April 24, 2016

Updates on designs

Hello all,

Today I have up loaded many more designs into the blog. I have new pages up called "clowns" and then the newly added pages of "bargain basement 3-4".  Some of these were free some time ago. If you missed them you can catch up on them now. Check them all out when you have time.  I will be adding more as I get them gathered together.

Hope you all have a good day

Friday, April 22, 2016

Gathering my thoughts

Hello all,

I have had time to reflect as I am breathing much better. So now seem to have extra energy to get things done. So lets get hoping around.

I am about ready to start on some of my UN-finished projects.  I have several blocks done and need to set them together. These will make a few smaller quilts for wall hangings. I will take some pics of the blocks and try to post them here so you can see what I am doing. I am in hopes that there will be some who want to follow in the blog as I update the projects I am doing and perhaps want to work along with me on some of them.

I am thinking of adding some work along with instructions in here also later on if there seems to be some interest. I am also thinking of using my blog as my "club" or a gathering of all my other groups. Much easier for me to keep up with and if anyone is interested in keeping up with me be sure to sign up using your email, this way you should get an email when the blog is updated otherwise you will miss out.

Hope all have a wonderful day,