Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Banana Nut Bread and Pumpkin Coffee

Hello everyone,

Well, today on a rainy day I am having some home made banana nut bread and a cup of pumpkin coffee. It is cool out today feels more like fall. But, I know this is going to pass and the heat will be here soon enough. Not a fan of heat after living in Alaska for over 30 some years.

A soon as my new eye glasses get here, I plan to look at some wood working. Have not been doing that for a long time because of my eyes. Quilting kinda goes hand and hand with that. It is amazing how much interest you loose in projects once you can not see them any longer. Until my eyes were done I could not see the dust in my house. I was living in my happy world of such a clean house all the time. Ugh!  Now that I can see again, I discovered that I had dust on my dust. Then I go into cleaning mode for real, still saying to myself, I just don't know how things got so dirty.

For now I am off to enjoy my banana nut bread and coffee. This will be my breakfast and lunch.