Thursday, June 30, 2016

New 4th of July and Halloween Witch

 Hello everyone,

Here are the pics of my newest designs.
One is for July 4th and the other is for Halloween~Witch.
The hoop sizes are 5x7 and the witch comes in 200x200 also.
You can find them on their Holiday pages.
I plan to add some crystals to the witch's wings.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Tomato flowers & Penny

Morning everyone,

Here is an update on our pet chickens:
We lost Penny (our road island red chicken) a few days ago. She did not live long, but she was a sweet gal while with us.  We also lost our black rooster with the white head feathers and the guinea. We are down to 6 chickens which lay colored eggs. The colors are pink, brown, light green, olive green and white. The hens colors are 3 gray, 2 black, one speckled (black&white-polish hen).

I think today I will be outside planting some things and thumping my flowers on the tomato plants. I know there is sprays you can buy to spray your flowers but, you don't need that, all you have to do is 'thump'  or shake your open flowers once a day about noon or so to catch them when they are fully open. This will SET on the tomato fruit. Never misses~have all the tomatoes you ever want. :-)

Hope all have a wonderful day, don't forget to check my blog to see all the new designs.