Friday, June 3, 2016

Tomato flowers & Penny

Morning everyone,

Here is an update on our pet chickens:
We lost Penny (our road island red chicken) a few days ago. She did not live long, but she was a sweet gal while with us.  We also lost our black rooster with the white head feathers and the guinea. We are down to 6 chickens which lay colored eggs. The colors are pink, brown, light green, olive green and white. The hens colors are 3 gray, 2 black, one speckled (black&white-polish hen).

I think today I will be outside planting some things and thumping my flowers on the tomato plants. I know there is sprays you can buy to spray your flowers but, you don't need that, all you have to do is 'thump'  or shake your open flowers once a day about noon or so to catch them when they are fully open. This will SET on the tomato fruit. Never misses~have all the tomatoes you ever want. :-)

Hope all have a wonderful day, don't forget to check my blog to see all the new designs.

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