About Us

Erie Pines

        I was in the United States Army ~ Served five years and have two honorable discharges because I had re-enlisted. I learned how to be a dental assistant. I expanded into four handed dental assistant and also was the dental x-ray technician. I also ran the front desk most of the time and later learned how to clean teeth and worked as a dental hygienist while in the Army. I did pursue being a dental assistant when out of the Army for a number of years. Became disillusioned working for someone that was, shall we say "not honest" about the work he did. So left that field and headed over to greenhouse to work and loved every minute of it. When the Army started using the "last four" of ones SS#--I was the one who changed the filling system over to the "last four" for the dental files.

        Before the Army, I worked as a nurses aid in hospital and rest home. I have worked in a green house for over five years, taking over the duties of the office and took care of all three long sections of the green house. Open and closed the business by myself everyday. I have acquired a lot of knowledge about plants over the years. I still love plants and have had my own green house. My house now is like a green house, or so my husband tells me.

        I started my web site back in 1997. It has grown to this size from my never ending ability and drive to learn more about the internet, myself and computers. I am self taught on the computer and all you see on my site is self taught. I have learned html by trial and error. Best teacher sometimes. You don't forget what you learn as you go. It all started when I tried to get a different job which used a computer. When asked if I knew how to use a computer, I said "no", but, I am willing to learn. Well, being willing to learn was not good enough for them, so I did not get the job. However that did not stop me from getting my first "monster" computer. I knew nothing about them, so I started to use it and learn. It was like a madness with me to learn this "thing" that had stopped me from getting a job. As the years went by and the computers started talking to you, learning become even more easy and fun. So I kept right on learning and moving in computers, marvelous machines "now". Learn the computer I did as well as html for doing my web site (on line one page at a time). I also love making my own backgrounds using PSP along with my Rose Angels. My site has grown over the years and still continually keeps right on growing as I am sure it will as long as have my right mind. Use to be a big thing when the web first started, adopting others artwork or collecting it and placing on their web site with a link back to the artist. Some artist like myself have moved on to do something different with their art others have not. For me it was the drive of getting my Angels done in embroidery.

        I knew nothing about embroidery then, other than the fact that I had got a simple Kenmore embroidery machine from Sears and only a 4x4 hoop size. But to me, I was in hog heaven. Learning all I could and sewing all the time. I made several quilts which have all been given away. All of them had lots of embroidery in them. As I could, I moved up to a Viking sewing embroidery machine, still amazed at what all they can do, then years later got a Bernina and still learning all the time to this very day. My Rose Angel artwork is all that I have done over all of these years. There are several things that led me to do my Rose Angels. One of these was my Mother, another was my pet Rosy. It is like the Lord led me to Wendy over the net. She is the one who digitized my first Rose Angels for me. I nearly cried when I got my first Rose Angel sewed out. I did cry when I sold my very first Rose Angel. I only wish this all could have been learned much earlier in my life. I would have loved to show and share all this with my Mom. She has sewed all her life, she knitted, and crocheted many many items. Made all us kids clothing. She taught me how to knit and sew. Mom would have just "loved" these new sewing machines and all they can do. She had an old "brother" machine, in which if you wanted a zigzag stitch, you would sit there and flip the lever back and forth as you sewed. Now come on, how many of us remember doing a stitch that way? Now, I do my own Rose Angels, having learned how to digitized for myself. I enjoy so much each time I sell a Rose Angel because it reminds me of Mom, Rosy and just how fragile we all are. I then remember to lift my head and say a prayer of thanks to our Lord for my health no matter what else is going on in my life. I smile as I know Mom is watching from heaven and she is ok now. I also now can give some lessons in sewing out appliqué and learning how to digitize FSL and quilting designs. I will keep on growing and learning and sharing with all who are interested in sewing and embroidery. I have now given my website an update, much needed for a long time and have decided to develop a more personal effect about my blog. I have decided to change the name to reflect more about where I now live in OH. So the name of  Erie Pines Designs was born.  No matter how you remember us as, Rose Angels, or Maggie Nell's Creations or MJP Crafts, we are the same company. We just went through a few name changes hunting for the one that suits us best, and now we have it:::  Erie Pines Designs.


      I have also learned to use the BLOG on blogspot.  Now, that is my home on line, off the beaten trail but, still there and selling my designs. One has to also learn how to save money these days, and working on blogspot is wonderful for me. Here is the new URL to my presents on line:::  
~~ https://eriepines.blogspot.com ~~and here I will remain until I have decided to stop selling my designs, hopefully a long time from now.  I still love doing my designs only have gotten smarter on how I spend time on line to sell them.
        My sister ( Nita Twardzak ) now hand draws most all of my angels that I digitize. I can draw some but, when she gets started, she is fast and I can only smile as she turns them out. I am thankful that she wants to help on the drawing end of things. We are a team effort. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn something about us.