Scrolling in wood

 Scrolling in Wood

In this section you will find all of the pics of my work in wood. Will be uploading more as I get new things done.

 These above I am in the 'work' stage. :-)  Yet to get done.

Some of the little things I do.

The "I don't dial 911" pattern did have a spot for a round clock, but I change it to "rip", thought it looked better with the saying. :-)
The bell was another gift at Christmas time for Nita & Larry.

Some more of my work, Love trying different things.

I love skeletons and so have a few sawed out, just need to paint them and then connect using small wire loops. 

Just had to make this one my husband's work shop. Love to get free designs from Steve at Scrollsaw Workshop

I love making puzzles. Not sure why, but just love them.

The worm above with Santa Hat was a gift for a friend at Christmas, needless to say, he really loves fishing.

My saw. :-)   I love this one, Nita can paint them, I can cut them out of wood.

Below is my first ever scroll saw work. Teaching and guiding me is Larry T. and painting instruction by Nita T.  I fell in love right away working with wood. 2012

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